Festival of science - sinj

In 2010, I decided to start the Science Festival in my hometown Sinj (Croatia) with my colleague Mislav Cvitković. It is a yearly event for the popularization of science, education, and critical thinking.


The brief history of my involvement in promoting of critical thinking, and bits of modern history of critical thinking in Croatia. This is a constant project, an informal one, that I have been doing for a decade – but in some situations, I transformed it into a formal project (like during a Festival of Science in 2012).

protecting river cetina

In 2017/2018 I was part of an organization that tried to stop the private project Vis Viva that would possibly endanger the river of Cetina and Peruća Lake. Rivers and lakes are sources of clean and drinkable water and they wanted to build natural gas power plants on it. Amazing idea.

Split Summer School in Physics and Philosophy

It is a story about Split Summer School in Physics and Philosophy and John Bell Institute for the Foundations of Physics and how it all began. I was a little bit involved in this process, especially at the beginning. Thanks to Franjo Sokolić, Berislav Žarnić, Dragan Poljak and Tim Maudlin, the University of Split (Croatia) nowadays has an elite school on the foundations of physics and possibly the first Institute for the Foundations of Physics.

Observatory in Sinj

Now, now, an observatory in Sinj? Really? Well, as Sinatra once said, if I can make it there – I’ll make it anywhere! I already had initial talks with the major of Sinj and a couple of colleagues. It is just an idea that is trying to materialize itself. I’ll keep you updated.

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